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Boy Thinking
Educational settings often use abbreviations and words that are hard to understand.
Listed below are some explanations for commonly used terms.

Mainstream School


Schools catering for children of all abilities.

Maintained School


A state school.

Named Officer

The person at the LA who liaises with you about your child if they are under going statutory assessment or have a statement. In Norfolk this will usually be a caseworker.

Norfolk Area Attendance Teams

Attendance Improvement Officers can give assistance with;
school attendance, truancy, child protection issues, child employment and other issues affecting children at school.

Norfolk Area Psychological Teams


LA teams of educational psychologists, specialist teachers and social workers.

Note in Lieu

A document produced if the LA are not going to issue a Statement following Statutory Assessment.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

Health Service professionals who work alongside parents/carers and other colleagues to develop and maintain a child's ability to perform everyday tasks such as play and self-care.

OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education)

A team of inspectors who visit a school at regular intervals, they report on the quality of education and how the finances are used. Following the inspection, parents receive a copy of the school Action Plan which is the responsibility of the Governing Body. (Use this link to go to the OFSTED website).


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