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Dear Parent or Carer,

Norfolk Parent Partnership Review - Parents and Carers Consultation

We are inviting you to take part in the review of Norfolk Parent Partnership.

Each Local Authority has to have a Parent Partnership Service (PPS). PPS are designed to ensure that parents and carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) have access to impartial information, advice and guidance on matters to do with their child's education.

Guidance says that Parent Partnership Services should be impartial, neutral and in the best interests of the child and the family whether they are run by the Local Authority, or provided wholly or partly by another oganisation.

Since Norfolk Parent Partnership began it has been managed at arms length by Norfolk County Council and by the Parent Partnership Management Group with representatives including the Voluntary and Community Sector, Children's Services and Health.

The service includes a website, telephone helpline, leaflets, a termly newsletter and Independent Parental Supporters - volunteers who support individual families. To find out more about Norfolk Parent Partnership call 01603 704070 or look at this website.

New national guidance on Parent Partnerships has offered the opportunity to review Norfolk Parent Partnership. The review will provide information that will help to look in a fresh way at the services that are provided to see if there are any improvements that need to be made. The review will be carried out by an independent consultant.

As part of the review we would like to hear from parents and carers; both those who have used the service and may still be using it; and those who have not used it.

The following questions are designed to find out your views on Norfolk Parent Partnershp. Please complete the form below and press submit. Your reply will be very helpful and will be confidential. Your contact details will be separated from your views.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire please contact the independent consultant by email:, or by telephone or text 07795 662905.

Thank you very much. The results of the full service review will be available from July 2008 on the Parent Partnership Website.

1. Have you heard about Norfolk Parent Partnership?
  Yes        No
If yes, how did you hear about it? Please state.
If you have used the service please carry on answering the questions. If you have not used the service at all please go straight to question 9.
2. The support and/or information I was given was impartial.
  Agree        Disagree
Please comment
3. My query was dealt with in a confidential manner.
  Agree        Disagree
Please comment
4. Was your child part of the discussions with Norfolk Parent Partnership?
  Yes        No
Please comment
5. Did your contact with Norfolk Parent Partnership help you feel more confident in dealing with your child's education situation?
  Yes        Partly        No
Please comment
6. Did the information, advice, or support you received help in your relationship with the school/Children's Services?
  Yes        Partly         No
Please comment
7. In your contact with Norfolk Parent Partnership did you receive information about other organisations which can offer advice about your child's special educational needs?
  Yes        No
8. As a result of contact with the service my child's situation improved.
  Agree        Disagree
Please comment
9. What do you think Norfolk Parent Partnership could offer that would be useful to parents and carers with children with special educational needs? Please comment

10. Do you have any suggestions to improve the service? (For example, how to publicise it, how to make it more accessible, how to make sure families feel confident that they will get impartial support and information.)
All suggestions will be welcomed.

11. Would you like to have contact with other parents in a similar situation to yourself?
  Yes        No
Please comment
12. If you are interested in being involved in the development of Norfolk Parent Partnership and other services for families with children with special educational needs, please add your contact details. You will be contacted when there are other opportunities to have your say.

13. All About You. Answering these questions will help us to make sure we have gathered the views of a representative group of people, and will not be attached to your contact details if you provided them in question

Age of your child/children.
  0-4        5-11        12-16        16+
Are you a parent/carer?
  Yes        No
Are you a foster carer?
  Yes        No
If you are involved in another way please state (For example, grandparent, education, voluntary sector, social care etc.)

What is your ethnicity? (For example, White British, White Other, Black)


What is your first language?


What area of Norfolk do you live in, Norwich, East, West, South, North or give the nearest town or first part of your post code? (For example, NR3)

Please tick this box to confirm you are ready to submit your questionnaire.
Thank you very much for your time.
Please submit by March 14th 2008.